Set The Controls To The Heart Of The Machine

The Time and Space Machine play live with the Australian Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and psych'ers The Lucid Dream at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, near Manchester, on July 6th 2013. Phazers will be on Stun as we contemplate both time and space in this awesome setting.

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Set The Controls To The Heart Of The Machine

Last London gig of the year: The Lexington,Kings Cross. Monday 3rd December

The Lexington

The Time and Space Machine play their last London gig of the year at the Lexington in Kings Cross on Monday 3rd December. Support comes from ace London psych bands Lola Colt and Black Market Karma, so it's a triple header of UK psych goodness.

We're going to make it our Xmas party, so come along and be festive amongst the oil wheels!

Tickets available here

The Time and Space Machine World Tour Of London

Richard Norris

After a summer of festivals, the Time and Space Machine are headlining two psychedelic festivals in Liverpool and Lewes, then embarking, this Autumn/Winter, on what we are calling 'The Time and Space Machine World Tour Of London'.

The dates are as follows, with more to be added. We have gigs in Central, North, East and West London… if you fancy putting us on in South London, to collect the set, please get in touch!

Fri 12th Oct - London Palladium - with H.Hawkline   [Buy Tickets]

Sat 20th Oct - Oxfam Oxjam benefit at The Nest , Stoke Newington   [Buy Tickets]

Weds 24th Oct - Union Chapel, Islington - with Tim Burgess   [Buy Tickets]

Sat 17th Nov - Regeneration, The Tabernacle, Notting Hill

A weekend exploring altered states of experience.   [Buy Tickets]

Mon 3rd Dec - The Lexington - with Black Market Karma and Lola Colt   [Buy Tickets]

The Time and Space Machine cover Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' for Q magazine tribute


The Time and Space Machine have recorded a cosmic cover of Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' for a tribute CD that is being given away with the August issue of Q Magazine, out Monday July 2nd. The Quietus reckon it sounds like "Lou Reed's transformer if he'd been imbibing pep pills in the sun, rather than giving off the whole mardy New York smackhead vibe." Other artists featured include the Cribs, Manic Street Preachers and St.Etienne.

Listen Here.

The Time and Space Machine – Rough Trade Live Instore 24th July

Rough Trade

The Time And Space Machine will be performing live at Rough Trade East on the 24th July from 7pm.

Buy the The Time And Space Machine's new single "Good Morning" (released on the 23rd July) in store at Rough Trade East and collect your wristband at the same time, any remaining wristbands will be given out 1 hour prior to the stage time...One per person. If ordering on-line please tell us in the comments section that you would like a wristband for the event.

Pre-Order "Good Morning" from Rough Trade and get a free wristband.

10 Days Off

10 Days Off

The Time and Space Machine will be bringing their full on live band experience to the legendary 10 Days Off dance festival in Ghent, Belgium, on Saturday 21st July 2012.

The night will also feature a legendary DJ playing a six hour set straight after the band. He's not announced yet but he has a T+SM connection... can you guess who it is?

ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast

Clash Music

Taking us on a 'Hot Trip To Heaven' in this week's DJ mix is Richard Norris aka The Time And Space Machine.

Take a seat and listen to the podcast on the Clash Music website here

And while your listening to the amazing mix from The Time And Space Machine why not check out the track by track run down of the new album "Taste The Lazer" also featured on

Sun Is Shining Dub N Chill Interview with Richard Norris

Richard Norris

The Time And Sapce Machine (aka Richard Norris) takes time to speak with Sun Is Shining Dub N Chill.

Read the full interview on the website here

Standon Calling 2012

Standon Calling

The Time And Sapce Machine have just been added as "Very Special Guests" to this years Standon Calling festival.

Standon Calling is a three-day party featuring musical icons, breakthrough acts, a swimming pool, themed fancy dress, an on-site nightclub, bars that never seem to close, sprawling arts installations, roaming interactive theatre and much more besides. It is one of the UK's most interactive and creative festivals and it's just 40 minutes away from London.

It takes place between the 3rd & 5th August in Standon, Hertfordshire.... more details can be found here

Green Man Festival 2012

Green Man Festival

Colours swirl, patterns collide... The Time and Space are bringing their psychedelic circus to the Green Man 2012.

Initially a solo project for Grid/Beyond the Wizards Sleeve man Richard Norris, TTASM has now expanded into a 5 piece live band. Expect Hammond freakouts, backwards guitars, vocal harmonies and a dash of phazer, all laid over tight but loose psych/ motorik grooves. Add a retina expanding psychedelic lightshow and get ready to fly.

The Time And Space Machine - Pill Party In India (Release date 6th Feb 2012)

Pill Party In India

'Pill Party In India' is rich with the energetic twang of Exotica carried down a highway of fast-paced bongos and live drums with interludes of blips, wiggles and ghostly soundtrails. Absolutely stunning.

The first remix comes from our pet love, Psychemagik. It's a supurb bit of work by our friends from the cosmic forest; The bass is chunky, mesmerising sounds fly at you glorously in superwide stereo and there's some cracking vocal samples added to great effect too!

To clean up, Mojo Filter delivers his 'Om Nama Shiva Remix.' Think squelching acid basslines under traditional plucked Indian instrumentation, with strings and on-point production values and you're about there. This has to be heard to be believed! A sheer joy!

Watch out for the 5 piece TTASM band, complete with mind frying light show, coming soon to a festival near you!

The Time and Space Machine – Set Phazer To Stun (Single)


The recent Time And Space Machine album released on Tirk caused quite a stir. Received by fans, press and pundits with a bright glowing prodigiousness, we just had to have one final foray into the 12" single department. The album’s title track 'Set Phazer To Stun’ was always a favourite with pulsating Krautrock influences, nicely melded with some dirt cheap Farfisa organ, freakbeat drumming and (of course) plenty of Phazer.

For the single release Richard Norris extends the track and goes into rock meltdown; a special, vinyl-bonus version. In the remix department we head off to Italy for one of our favourite Italian’s, Bottin. His brief was 'take the Krautrock psyche soul of this song and Moroder it up'. That's exactly what our man has done. His version builds and builds into a swirling collage of crazy pads, burbling analogue basslines and Italian beats.

London based Sioux City Boys Club sure have a catchy name and their production skill is right on the money too. They keep the kraut soul of the record but time-stretch it and meld it into a dancefloor nugget. Just to add even more layers of international, spaced-out dimension to the track, SCBC for good measure turn in a version with Russian Folk songstress, Sasha Rakhman, singing on it. Never say we aren't experimental!

The Time and Space Machine start work on Album Two this winter. Until then enjoy the debut album and as ever watch the skies.

The Time and Space Machine – Rough Trade podcast

Rough Trade

01. Tomorrow Never Knows (edit) – Junior Parker
02. Fire and Water – A Time + Space Machine Edit
03. Tales Of Brave Ulysses – Rotary Connection
04. Cedars – A Time + Space Machine Edit
05. Tiger – Brian Auger
06. Ego Trip - Ultimate Spinach
07. Ma Mari Huana – The Sub
08. Koi Basti - Anonymous
09. Pulsar – A Time + Space Machine Edit
10. Stoned Out Of It - John Fitch and Associates
11. Hombre – A Time + Space Machine Edit
12. Baby I Need You – Curiosity Shoppe
13. Road To Nowhere – Version
14. A Meditation Mass Pt 1 – Yatha Sidra
15. Fly – JK and Co
16. Bernard Fevre – New From Future (The Time and Space Machine mix)

Set Phaser Stun out soon

Set Phaser To Stun

The Time And Space Machine was conceived in 2008 as a sound that solidifies Richard Norris' decades of collecting, releasing & writing about psychedelic music. Richard's journey into psych began as a teenager when he worked for the legendary UK psych label Bam Caruso, who released dozens of psychedelic & freakbeat compilations. This record (largely done for the first time by himself beneath a castle in Lewes, Sussex) meshes all these influences with modern production techniques to create something new & [in our opinion] very special.

In partnership with Erol Alkan as Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, Richard has firmly cemented his position in the Psyche-scape. Their series of re-edit 12" mini albums were not only instantly snapped up in stores but also led to a series of high profile remixes for artists such as Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, Franz Ferdinand and more.

On to the music.. Proceedings open up with 'Time and Space' the perfect atmospheric place for launch. 'Path Through The Cathedral' carries on the assault with ringing Cathedral organ, tremelo-ed fuzz tone and backwards guitars. 'Set Phazer To Stun' displays the first hint of a Krautrock influences, nicely melded with some dirt cheap Farfisa organ, freakbeat drumming and (of course) plenty of Phazer.

Recent single 'You Are The One' layers vocals singing in the round, with more fine beat freak moments and cosmic bliss synthesizer. 'Children Of The Sun' is a breezy, hazy, uplifting summer record with a hint of liquid sunshine. 'Zeitghost' heads down a motorik path with lashings of psych fuzz guitar, more organ and freakbeat drums. Infinite. A twitchy guitar manta

'More Cowbell' is one for the dancefloor. Fuzzed out bass and the sound of a cowbell that sounds like it's still attached to the cow on some hill in Switzerland. Richard tells us Influenced by the famous Saturday Night Live 'More Cowbell' sketch with Christopher Walken.

'Midsummer Night' is the result of a 4am midsummer glowing campfire moment. 'Mushroom Family' ticks the Balearic boxes with a hint of sitar and flute, plus Rachael Davies' soaring harmonies. 'After The Gold Rush' is a Neil Young cover and features Raissa from The Mummers on vocals, some Memphis Horns and a hint of balearia once again. Things round off with one final dose of psychedelica, the organic 'Trip Sideways'.

The Time and Space Machine will be touring this summer so keep your eyes open, and -as ever- watch the skies.

You Are The One EP out in October

The time and space Machine

A second release, the "You Are The One" EP, was released in October 2009, with the debut album set for February 2010.

The time & space Machine - children of the sun and zeitghost

The time and space Machine

We didn't even know that Richard Norris was part of legendary UK acid house bods Jack the Tab alongside Genesis P Orridge, or that his partner in Goldstar was called ...Richard Norris, or that he'd produced a Joe Strummer single. We did know he'd co-made one of our favourite slow London Balearic tunes from '90 as the Grid (Floatation), and of course that as half of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve with Erol Alkan he was half responsible for kick-starting what we'll sure will be another interesting chapter in the endless tale of post '88 underground musical sub genres. We like the prefix "psych" in front of things - folk, pop, rock - but we're not sure what to put it in front of when it comes to the The Time & Space Machine, Norris's new solo project - dance? disco? funk? Whatever, we feel kind of privileged to be playing label home to TT&SM original material, and this first release, a double A side 7 Inch. "Children Of The Sun" opens up with a driving snares, twangy bass and floaty organs before the vocals drift in with 60's tinged multipart harmonies. On the other side "Zeitghost" keeps things up tempo but with lashings of psych fuzz guitar, more organ (of course) and tasteful smatterings of modern synth and samples. Stayed tuned for more happenings in the world of TT&SM. A few gigs with a cracking live band and a long player on Tirk penciled in for later in the year.